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View Post Yours' truly bagging the grey canister on the peak of Friday Mountain.
2017-09-14 Backpacking

Catskill 3500: #16,#17, #18, #19. Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky, and Lone Mountains

It’s Wednesday morning. I woke up to rain again. It’s a bit annoying for the…

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Eclipse Over New Jersey, 2017

Here are some pics from yesterday’s eclipse, taken at work from the Pantone parking lot…

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View Post Yours truly, breath taken away, overlooking the Slide Mountain and the Hunter-West Kill Mountain Wilderness from the top of Balsam Mountain in the Catskill Mountain Range in upstate New York.
2017-08-20 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #14 & #15. Eagle and Balsam Mountains.

Work’s been a bit grueling. My boss offered me Friday off which I gladly accepted…

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View Post 2005 BMW R1200GS Starter Motor Comparison. On the left is the Rev It Red used motor, the middle is the beautiful motowarrior replacement, and on the right is the dying one from my bike.
2017-08-12 Motorcycling

Replacing the Starter Motor On My 2005 BMW R1200GS Motorcycle

I’ve had a string of bad luck with the bike this year, each time disabling…

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View Post BMW K 1600 B Bagger
2017-08-03 Motorcycling

BMW K 1600 B Bagger Motorcycle

BMW is going after the bagger market. While I have no doubt that it can…

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2017-07-31 Code & Computers

SkyNet is Sooner Than You Think, Thanks to Facebook.

From Forbes Magazine Facebook AI Creates Its Own Language In Creepy Preview Of Our…

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View Post A voter casts a ballot at a machine at Cheyenne High School on Election Day on Nov. 8, 2016, in North Las Vegas, Nevada. | Ethan Miller/Getty
2017-07-31 Code & Computers

Hackers Descend on Las Vegas to Expose Voting Machine Flaws

“We’ve” been saying this for years, ever since the advent of electronic tallying. From Politico:…

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View Post Hanging up a map of Scotland in my office as I begin plans for (hopefully) backpacking across Scotland in the 2018 TGO.
2017-07-30 Backpacking

TGO 2018. Backpacking across Scotland

Last year during the month of May, I rode my trusty BMW R1200GS 5,000 miles/…

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View Post Your's Truly, looking out over the Catskills from the lower summit of Twin Mountain.
2017-07-23 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #13. Twin Mountain

Okay. I’m on number 13, lucky 13. I (overly optimistically) thought that I could tackle…

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View Post A Biscuit Brook waterfall.
2017-07-04 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #11 and #12. Big Indian and Fir Mountains

This past weekend I decided to knock off two bushwhacks from my Catskill 3500 list….

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View Post Leaving Buck Ridge Lookout on West Kill Mountain in the Catskill Mountain Range in upstate New York.
2017-06-25 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #10. West Kill Mountain

I finally broke into double digits this weekend, bagging West Kill Mountain, #10 on my…

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View Post My "secret" camping spot in Harriman State Park in upstate New York.
2017-06-23 Backpacking

My Secret Harriman Spot

A couple years ago, I “stumbled” upon an amazing overlook in Harriman, perfect for pitching…

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2017-06-18 Backpacking

Urban Hike: NYC Hudson River Greenway Bike Path

I wanted to go backpacking up in the Catskills this weekend but rain was forecasted…

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View Post Walking from the Platte Clove parking lot to the Indian Head Mountain trailhead. Does this look like a scene from a jigsaw puzzle or what?
2017-06-09 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #9. Indian Head Mountain

The second mountain this year of my Catskill 3500 journey.

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View Post Your's truly, near the summit of Windham High Peak in the Catskill Mountains. That's Blackhead Range in the background.
2017-05-29 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #8. Windham High Peak

It’s been a while. My last hike was back in November 2016. Then a series…

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View Post Success! Finding the gray canister at the peak of Southwest Hunter Mountain (Levitt's Peak).
2016-10-15 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #6 and #7. Hunter and Southwest Hunter (Levitt) Mountains.

[Note: I’m writing this post six months later, so I’m a bit sketchy about the…

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View Post Officially hitting the summit of Slide Mountain.
2016-10-08 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #5. Slide Mountain

Date of Hike Date October 7, 2016 Weather Conditions Sunny, Clear, Crisp (48°F – 60°F…

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View Post The view from Wittenberg Mountain in the Catskill region, upstate New York.
2016-09-26 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #3 & #4. Wittenberg and Cornell Mountains

September 25, 2016 Wow, okay. This weekend was a doozy of a hike. My goal…

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View Post Sitting on the Giant Ledge on the way to the top of Panther Mountain in the Catskills.
2016-09-20 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #2. Panther Mountain

September 19, 2016 Time for Catskill peak #2. This weekend, my plan was to hike…

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View Post The very foggy view from the fire tower at the top of Balsam Lake Mountain in the Catskills.
2016-09-12 Backpacking

Catskill 3500, #1. Balsam Lake Mountain

September 10, 2016 After dipping my toes last weekend in the Catskill Mountains, I had…

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2015-09-25 Motorcycling

Canada ADV Trek #2, September 11, 2015. Day One

DAY ONE (September 11) Leg: Carlstadt, New Jersey to Montréal, Québec Distance: 348 miles (560…

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2015-09-25 Motorcycling

Canada ADV Trek #2, September 11-21, 2015. Prologue

On September 11 through September 21, I rode from work in New Jersey, north to…

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View Post Riding along railroad tracks south of Montréal, Québec, Canada.
2015-07-29 Motorcycling

Oh, Canada Trek #1

Watch this space. I’ll be detailing my recent trip to Montreal and Ottawa and Lake…

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2015-07-29 Motorcycling

New Old Bike – BMW R1200GS

This post has been brought over from my discontinued blog, Bonnie Cafe. Hello. Allow me…

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2013-12-17 Code & Computers

Plants Won’t Grow Near Wi-Fi

Student science experiment finds plants won’t grow near Wi-Fi router Ninth-graders design science experiment to…

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