Corroded, Fried, Dead Bonneville T100 Ignition Switch

My bike is approximately four months old. Therefore, the ignition switch has been in use for four months. Yeah, I was annoyed with the position that Triumph placed it. Sure, isn’t everyone with sense? So, three months ago, I moved the ignition switch to the downtube using Joker Machine‘s Relocater Bracket (see this mod and […]

Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocator

After swapping out the stock handlebar with a Dime City Cycle “Speed” Clubman handlebar, the ignition switch became very, VERY difficult to access. Geesh, it’s always something, right? So, I decided on a Joker Machine Triumph Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket. I saw other companies with speedo/tach clusters that incorporated the ignition switch. They were nice […]