Joker Machine Bar End Mirrors

After installing the Dime City Cycles “Speed” bar (see mod here), the Triumph Bonneville stock mirrors no longer worked as well as they did on the stock handlebar. I was able to rotate and twist them around quite a bit, and it was a big improvement both functionally and aesthetically, but they still took away […]

NYC Street Corner Car Wash/Detailing

I live in an apartment building in New York, not a suburb with a house and driveway and water hose. I have not been able to find a self-washing facility like there were in San Francisco. As such, my only current option to clean my bike is to pay a guy on the corner. That’s […]

Joker Machine Choke Knob

Another nice bit of “bling” from Joker Machine – a Triumph Choke Knob Union Jack 900 Clear. The Triumph stock choke knob is a pretty serious cheap piece of plastic, so the Joker Machine bit is a nice way of upgrading it. In fact, they have many options to choose from. The one Bryan sent […]

Joker Machine EFI Carb Tops

After relocating the poorly located stock ignition switch with the freakin’ awesome Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocater (see Mod #3) that I purchased from British Customs, I entered into an email discussion with Bryan Warren over at Joker Machine headquarters. I had no plans on doing any mods that were purely cosmetic but Bryan changed […]

TEC 2-1 Exhaust

PREFACE: I’ve been running on these pipes for a week before publishing this post and I must say, I LOVE THEM! Oh, before we start, check with your state’s emissions policy. Here in New York, motorcycles must pass a safety inspection each year in order to get registered. HOWEVER, motorcycles are EXEMPT from emissions standards¬†–¬†in […]