Pep Boys’ Magnetic Cup

Wow! Talk about a great find! Every time I’m working on the bike (aka motorcycle for seo benefits), I find myself misplacing bits. The other day I was wandering around in Pep Boys and stumbled across their magnetic collapsible tray. What a find, and it was only $3.00. I highly recommend it. It sticks in […]

2014 vs 2015 Models

Is there a difference between the 2014 and 2015 Bonneville T100 models? Looking at Triumph’s official site, the 2014 and 2015 landing pages use the exact same image. Are the bikes the same? 2014: Triumph’s 2014 Bonneville page. 2015: Triumph’s 2014 Bonneville page.

Self-Serve Car Wash (Hackensack)

Good news. I finally tracked down a self serve car wash where I can wash the bike. Since I live in Manhattan, there aren’t a lot, if any, options for me to properly wash the bike. It’s the Spotless Car Care Center located on River Street in Hackensack, a few miles down from exit 66 […]

Progressive Motorcycle Show, 2014

Progressive Insurance sponsors a series of motorcycle shows several times a year throughout the United States. They landed in New York this year at Javits Center, December 12-14. This one was my first go and I loved it but several friends remarked that it was much smaller than usual. They chalked it up to the […]

Sons of Anarchy

Having a motorcycle, I’ve found that people quickly bring up Sons of Anarchy, a show that I hadn’t watched. For some reason, I originally thought that it was a reality show – not sure why. After the 10th person brought it up, I decided to take a look. Amazon Prime has the first six seasons […]

NYC Street Corner Car Wash/Detailing

I live in an apartment building in New York, not a suburb with a house and driveway and water hose. I have not been able to find a self-washing facility like there were in San Francisco. As such, my only current option to clean my bike is to pay a guy on the corner. That’s […]