Hey Kids. So, I borrowed a stellar recording device, the ZOOM H6. I wanted to get a proper recording of what my┬áBonneville truly sounds like at this point in her history of mods. I’ve done MANY mods but no doubt, you’re most interested when I installed the TEC pipes and removed the baffle. It sounds great when I’m sitting there listening at idle but I really wanted to know what it sounds like at speed. I wanted to experience that Einstein/Doppler moment of glory. With the help of my buddy Pete, I fulfilled that dream today in the parking lot at work today. Attached is an audio file of me starting up and zooming by. Definitely not the stock peashooter sound.

This is audio only, no video. 1 minute, 45 seconds. I thought about putting the audio to some sort of cheesy Top Gun video but decided to keep it just audio. You’ll need to close your eyes and imagine your own fantasy. ­čÖé


I have to admit, I’m impressed. Aside from the sad, weakling “toot-toot-toot” of the Triumph horn, it really sounds great. Performance has sky-rocketed. Gas mileage, on the other hand, has pretty much plummeted (though, to be fair, is due to the contribution of several other mods).

Note: at the beginning, I start the bike with the choke out halfway, approximately 2000RPM, then quickly knock it down to around 1100, let it warm up for 30 seconds or so, and then push it in for a sitting idle of 850 before taking off. As I start off, you’ll hear a slight metallic rattling. I need to tighten something down in the headlamp area, I just haven’t located it yet. Regardless, it’s non-engine related. Oh… also, I shift right as I pass the mic. You’ll hear a kind of “poof” sound. BTW, I’m currently running a slightly edited 20499 TuneECU map.

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