Maund Speed Fender Eliminator Kit +
New Bonneville Wiring Harness

As I continue to transform the Bonneville into a proper café racer, the next bit of stodginess that needed to go was the fenders. It’s very popular to remove the rear fender as evidenced by the myriad of third party eliminator kits available. The idea is to remove the rear fender completely. Doing this also […]

Joker Machine Clutch & Brake Levers

Another nice piece of hardware from the Joker Machine – a well crafted, ergonomic set of hand levers to replace the Triumph stock brake and clutch levers. Bryan Warren sent me these and I was very impressed. A solid piece of billet. (I suppose that’s redundant.) The levers were packed the same as other JM […]

Corroded, Fried, Dead Bonneville T100 Ignition Switch

My bike is approximately four months old. Therefore, the ignition switch has been in use for four months. Yeah, I was annoyed with the position that Triumph placed it. Sure, isn’t everyone with sense? So, three months ago, I moved the ignition switch to the downtube using Joker Machine‘s Relocater Bracket (see this mod and […]

TEC Alloy Gas Reservoir Shocks with Adjustable Damping (Thruxton Length)

I’ve had ‘upgrade suspension’ on my list for six months now. I’ve wanted something beefier than the stock shocks. The bike bottoms out quite a bit on some of the roads around here. It’s New York City – we’ve got some bad infrastructure. I spent the last six months researching the major options available: Öhlins, […]

British Customs Air Injection Removal Kit

Preface: Chronologically, this post is out of sync. It was more involved, requiring more write up and photos. Being my lazy self, it took a while to post. After installing the TEC 2-1 Exhaust (see BONNIE MOD #6), the bike gained a lot more performance. Much lighter, quicker start off, and much cooler sounding for […]

Joker Machine Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket

The stock position of the ignition switch of a Triumph Bonneville T100 is inelegantly engineered, to say the least – very difficult to maneuver. As such, as documented in my BONNIE MOD #3 post <- click there, I purchased Joker Machine’s Ignition Switch Relocation Bracket. This allowed me to position the ignition switch on the frame’s […]